Daily Meditation Practice

You can use this as a starting point if you don’t have a practice yourself or if you do, perhaps you can find some inspiration in what I’m doing that can help your own practice in some way. When meditating, remember to be as comfortable as possible. Wear the most comfortable clothes you have, release all expectations and trust the meditation will allow your body to access what it needs at this given moment. Happy Meditating!
(Click on each Day below for detailed information)
Sunday Meditation Practice
Theme: Self-Referral
Centering thought: “I radiate light from my true Self”
Meditation Mantra: “My true Self is all that is real”
Monday Meditation Practice
Theme: Giving & Receiving or Flow
Centering thought: “I give and receive with gratitude”
Meditation Mantra: “Through me, life flows effortlessly”
Tuesday Meditation Practice
Theme: Karma & Conscious Choice-Making
Centering thought: “Conscious choices happen only in the present…”
Meditation Mantra: “I choose my destiny. I choose my legacy.”
Wednesday Meditation Practice
Theme: Present moment awareness, limit past or future thoughts
Centering Thought: “I am always my True Self in the present.”
Meditation Mantra: “The only time that truly exists is this moment”
Thursday Meditation Practice
Theme: Surrender/Acceptance
Centering Thought: “Everything is exactly as it should be”
Meditation Mantra: “I surrender to the Universe”
Friday Meditation Practice
Theme: Detachment/Non-judgement “The Witness”
Centering Thought: “I am not attached to outcomes”
Meditation Manta: “I witness all & judge nothing”
Saturday Meditation Practice
Theme: Love & Unity
Centering Thought: “Everything is connected in the web of life”
Meditation Mantra: “(on the in-breath) I… (on the out-breath) love…”
The purpose of sharing my practice is not so you can adopt it for yourself. You certainly could to get started if you don’t have practice or you could use this format as a template to create your own practice. Ultimately, I think we each need to create a meditation practice that specifically works for us. Like all other things, it should be constantly evolving. By sharing my practice with you and the changes it undergoes, I hope to either inspire you to create a practice if you don’t have one or give you ideas about how to keep your practice fresh if you do.
Hope it helps! 🙂

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