Suffering is good for us…

There are two kinds of suffering. There is real suffering and there is false suffering. Of course when I say suffering is good, I’m not referring to real suffering, but false suffering or perceived suffering.

Real suffering is not good. This is the suffering that is all the way to one side of the suffering scale. This is where children starve to death and people die of easily preventable illnesses because they do not have access to the proper medicine. There is nothing good about this and we should do everything we can to help stop this type of suffering.

On the other hand, false suffering, the kind that is self-inflicted, can be a good thing if it’s done consciously. For example, being upset and “suffering” because your favorite TV program didn’t record is not conscious suffering. This doesn’t help you in any way. It is self-inflicted, yes, but it is not conscious. Choosing not to watch that program, even though you really want to, so you can “suffer” through waiting a day or two IS the kind of suffering that is good for us to experience. Several other examples are used in the podcast above. Hope it helps 🙂


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