A question we must learn to answer…

Who am I? – Can you answer? This article is about WHY it’s so important to not just know the answer, but to recognize the answer will change as we change and to be prepared to ask this question of ourselves on a regular basis.

Most of our life is spent in a struggle to find “security”. Of course, this search itself is an expression of insecurity. So, as long as we are searching for security, we know we don’t have it. Think about how simple and how good things could be if we were totally secure with everything as it is right now. No change. If you felt totally 100% secure right now, how would your life be different? Achieving this is possible, but we must know WHO WE ARE first.

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When we feel insecure, it is directly a result of fear or fear-based thoughts. Fear is created and owned solely by the Ego or our “false sense of self”. Fear is toxic to both mind and body, but serves the Ego’s agenda to preserve itself. The Ego keeps us afraid so we remain focused on our own needs vs. the needs of others or the Universal whole. This is the reason why people jump from one worry to the next. We all know someone like that.

Our true self, however, is fearless. So, upon feeling insecure, we can immediately reference our True Self to eliminate fear. When we reference our True Self or our “Soul”, we are automatically setting the Ego aside. That said, it’s important to never wrestle with the Ego. Recognize when it’s controlling your thoughts and actions, but don’t fight it. Just nicely say “Hi there Ego. I know you’re here and not going anywhere, but you are not the real me…”

Of course, it’s difficult to access the True Self if we don’t have at least a basic understanding of WHO WE ARE in the first place. This is why the one question we all need to know the answer to is…who am I? By asking this question and going through with the answer, we can identify what aspects of ourselves are the real US and which are fantasy, unreality, Ego and Shadow. In order to eliminate Fear, we have to reference our True Self as often as possible. Before we can refer to our True Self, we must KNOW our True Self. Once we are able to do this, it can become a path to relief, a calming mechanism, and eventually a way of life. Of course, the answer to the question who am I is ever-changing, but being comfortable asking yourself this question is crucial.

I really hope it helps! Namaste 🙂

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