The BEST way we can impact the World

Deep down, I think we all want to “make a difference”. For me, I have always felt a calling to help others. There are many ways to do this and none of them are necessarily wrong. Whether we help a homeless person out with a few bucks, volunteer for the Salvation Army or donate money to St. Jude’s. It’s all good stuff, great in fact. But, if we are serious about spending our precious time in this life working toward “the absolute BEST way we can impact the planet and humanity”, we have a lot to consider. It stumped me for decades, but now the answer seems obvious.

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The Ripple
Every single action that takes place has energy attached to it. This energy can be seen in an infinity of combinations, but there are only two factors: Amplitude or “the Strength of that action” and it’s Charge, whether positive or negative. So, every action has a positive or negative effect and has varying amounts of strength. There might be some actions that we think are neutral, but that’s an illusion because every action has a charge in one direction or another, even if that charge is too small for us to notice. Now think about how the energy from all these actions “ripples” outwardly into the world. This happens with every action, all day long. Every step we take, every word we speak, every text/email we send and every single thing we do contains one of these ripples.

If we can zoom out for a minute and soak that in, the answer will jump out at us. The BEST way to have a positive impact on the world is to generate as many strong and positive ripples as possible. No matter who we are, we can effect millions and millions of people in our lifetime with these ripples. We don’t have to be famous or well-known to have that kind of impact. We just have to pay close attention to our actions, make conscious choices, and deliver those positive ripples over and over in every day life. That alone can literally CHANGE THE WORLD.

Creating Small Ripples
We must ask ourselves throughout the day “How can I generate a positive ripple right now?”. Eventually, this comes more and more natural and we don’t have to remind ourselves so often. You may be sitting in a Starbucks and think, “how can I generate a positive ripple right now?”, then you look around and see a woman with a stroller approaching the front door. You jump up and go open the door for her. Then, you keep the door open for the next couple people who are coming in behind her. These are small amplitude positive ripples, but they are helpful to the greater good because the small ripple you start may get carried by someone else into a big ripple. This goes for both positive and negative, which is why we need to be conscious of our ripples at all times.

This Insurance video may seem cheesy, but think about how realistic this is. It’s the perfect example of watching a small ripple carry on.

Creating Big Ripples
You may notice a stranger who is clearly sad, down in the dumps or having a horrible day. When this happens, it is an opportunity to have a major impact on the world. When people become angry like a mob over a controversial issue, this is also a chance to create a big ripple of kindness and compassion. For most of us, volunteering our time to help those in need will be the best way to create Big ripples. For others, starting a non-profit or even a movement toward helping others will be possible. When I say “Big” ripples, it’s less about the size of the action and more about how much energy you put into it. For example, just smiling at the right person in a loving and caring way could be strong enough to turn their life around.

We can change the World
If we want to change the World, we can. Each and every one of us has that power. The major insight for me about “the ripple effect” is that you don’t have to be dedicated to any particular cause, you don’t have to start a new movement or give your life’s savings toward one of these causes. Literally ALL we have to do, to effect millions of lives in our lifetime, is to just pay close attention to our ripple and actively seek opportunities to create more positive ripples in our lives.

Happy meditating. I hope it helps. Namaste 🙂

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