Does everything happen for a reason?

We’ve all heard someone say “everything happens for a reason“, but what do they mean? It’s implied that every action which has ever taken place or ever will take place is predetermined and by-design. This would mean there is a Creator or God who has decided what each action will be (forever in the Universe) and there is a specific reason why each of those actions has been chosen to take place. Whether you’re religious or not, you have to admit that sounds a little silly. I’m OK with silly if it’s helpful, but I don’t think it helps as much as it could. However, if “everything happens for a reason” is good enough for you, if it helps you, then stick with it. That’s all that really matters. It wasn’t enough for me…so, perhaps we just need a different angle on this thought process. One that’s a little less rigid and difficult to swallow. Maybe the thoughts we have about this statement are too presumptuous.

What does it REALLY mean?
Let’s take the predetermined aspect out of the equation. Let’s say everything happens for a reason, but maybe no one knows the reason until after the happening. Whatever action is happening will have a reason attached to it, but we can’t discover it until after the happening because it isn’t known until after the happening. In other words, there is something to learn or take-away from every action in life, it’s just not determined ahead of time.

Philosophy vs. Belief
Now, this sounds more like a philosophy vs a belief, but what’s wrong with that? Beliefs can be troublesome because they can cause rigid outlooks and closed minds. What’s the point of a belief? Is it to live a better life? If so, I think this philosophy would be more helpful. By reflecting on all occurrences in our lives, looking for the opportunity to learn from them, and searching for that reason, we have now elevated our level of consciousness and awareness significantly.

We have also accepted all possibilities more easily. It’s pretty hard to think that God wanted those children to die in Newton, CT. It would also be difficult to think of a “good reason” for making something like that take place. Horrible tragedies happen all over the world every day. This is not an act of God. This is the act of humans. Realizing that is powerful. Believing that each action in our lives has been planned with a specific reason behind it seems daunting. How are we supposed to discover that ONE reason? Its like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Most people won’t even try.

The Choice is Ours
We choose to believe that a Creator has predetermined every action in the Universe for a specific reason OR we choose to see the reason or “benefit” to each happening. Maybe we do the opposite and choose to see the negative aspect of each happening. Either way, it is our choice. I think we need to make the choice that speaks to our Soul. For me, I prefer the reflective path.

Everything DOES happen for a reason…
It’s up to US to find the reason. Everything in our lives is either a grievance or a miracle and the choice is ours. However, making that choice isn’t as simple as deciding right now. We have to make this choice over and over, all day long, in every single moment. This path requires awareness and awareness requires practice in a busy life. This is why I choose to meditate regularly and practice forms of higher consciousness. It seems so obvious when in the moment, reading this post, fully present…but when there are 10 things to do at once and you’re late for all of them, things can change. Those miracles can turn into grievances very easily. Center yourself first, then LIVE the answers.

Happy Meditating. Hope it helps! Namaste 🙂

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