Wealth Consciousness is NOT about Money…

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What is Wealth Consciousness?

When you first hear the term Wealth Consciousness, you probably think it means something like “how rich and wealthy people think”. This is not true. In fact, Wealth Consciousness is usually the exact opposite of how rich and wealthy people think. Let’s first define the term “consciousness”. The best definition or synonym for consciousness is awareness. If you are conscious, you are aware. If something changes your consciousness, it changes your awareness. If you become more conscious, you become more aware and so on… Wealth Consciousness could then be called Wealth Awareness and it would mean the same thing. But when you say Wealth Awareness, there is an implication that the Wealth already exists and we just need to become aware of it. This is what I believe to actually be true! Instead of thinking that Wealth is contained somewhere out there, you begin to look at yourself by asking “where is my wealth?”. The idea of Wealth Consciousness revolves around a pretty simple concept.


What is Real Wealth?

Real Wealth is contained within each of us and not in the outside world of objects and materials. For example, just the opportunity to LIVE this life is an expression of true wealth and abundance. Typically, we equate wealth with money, currency or object-based assets like property, cars, jewelry, etc. However, we need to take a close look at the definition of the word “wealth”. Instead of material items like money and property, Wealth Consciousness is the understanding that everything truly GREAT in life is contained within. Once you realize this is true and you realize that you are in charge of your own state-of-being, you unlock a power more profound than what we experience in daily life.  Could there be anything more powerful than that in the material world? If you are able to be happy, blissful and fulfilled no matter what is going on around you, is there anything more valuable than that?

This is the “wealth” we are talking about with Wealth Consciousness. If the power to experience whatever you desire is already contained within us and we can access that whenever we want, that is True Wealth. That’s what I want. True Wealth. Real abundance. And if the power to do this is entirely contained within us, it is 100% controlled and determined by US. Therefore, it’s completely up to us how much wealth we obtain! (take a minute to let that soak in, maybe read it one more time) That’s an empowering realization yet potentially difficult to understand based on all the prior conditioning we’ve received about wealth throughout our lives.

How can we detach ourselves from materials and as one would who is experiencing Wealth Consciousness?

Detachment is tough. We have been trained our entire lives to attach ourselves to all these things and UN-doing all that conditioning isn’t easy. The best advice I’ve ever received on this subject is from Davidji. He told me not to try and forcefully jerk myself in another direction, but to gently drift slowly in the right direction. Just slowly become aware of the way you look at material objects and what value they really, truly have. Not in dollars, but in life currency. What’s really valuable to you vs. what you’ve been told should be valuable? This exercise only takes a few minutes before you start to realize what really matters to you. The most valuable things in life currency might be your family, your passion for music or art, etc. This doesn’t mean that your job and money you earn have no value, but it probably has less value in life currency than we give it. Many of us make our jobs the #1 priority because in material currency (money), there is nothing more valuable than our jobs or career. I believe this to be a huge mistake that requires immediate fixing. That doesn’t mean quitting your job of course…just re-prioritizing.

The Homework:
– Throughout your day, each time you can remember, ask yourself… “am I experiencing Wealth Consciousness right now?”
– Right now, ask yourself this… Could there be anything more powerful or more valuable in life than being in total control of your own happiness and fulfillment?
– Re-evaluate your value-heirarchy. Look at everything from the viewpoint of life currency vs. material currency. How does the order look now?

I wrote this to hopefully provide a different perspective that could empower you to experience more Wealth in your life regardless of how much money you do or don’t have… Happy Meditating. I hope it helps! Namaste :)

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