The one thing that could save Humanity

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I’m prone to being very optimistic about the future…and why not be? The alternative won’t do you any good. When I say “the future”, I’m talking about the future of ALL life and not just for Humans. What would happen if 10,000 years from now, there was no such thing as Human Beings anymore, but life was flourishing on this planet? Would that be a positive outcome or a poor one? That totally depends on your point of view, but for me, that would be a good outcome. Life is relentless and I believe it will always flourish for the greater good. For example, the Dinosaurs once roamed this planet and they became extinct, which has led to new forms of life and new advancements from evolution far exceeding what was here in the past. The same will always hold true no matter what we do. Imagine 1,000,000 years from now, which isn’t long in the scale of the Universe, a different type of being is looking back at the life of the “humans”. What would they say? How would the story go? As of right now, I think the story would go something like this…

The Humans evolved from primitive beings.
They learned to create and engineer amazing structures and devices.
They ultimately became self-centered and stopped working together.
They were plagued with war and conflict as a result.
Eventually, they engineered too much stuff, changed the ecosystem and became extinct because (fill in the blank with many possibilities based on our current trajectory)

However, I do not believe this has to be the case. I believe we can change this course and I also believe it’s already happening right now. I think we will change the way we look at each other. I think Unconditional Love will flourish. It may take a major tragedy or a global movement in consciousness, but I am confident it will happen.

There is one thing that could change it all…Mindfulness, Meditation, Consciousness – call it what you want. This is the one thing that can unite Humanity. It may take 20 years or 200 years, but I believe it will happen. We have now proven that even in a society where we are constantly entertaining ourselves and on stimulus overload, we are still seeking a greater state of peace, bliss or grace. We always have been. But, the ego lied to us. It told us to seek material items or objects to find happiness and we believed it. It makes sense. Sounds like it would work right? Get more money, more friends, nicer things and you’ll be happy! But, this is not true and as more and more people realize it, we will continue to see a Philosophical revolution. None of this is new. Thousands of years ago, human beings figured this out. We’ve just been woo’d by innovation ever since. If we can achieve a collective state of consciousness, there is absolutely NO LIMIT to what we can achieve together.

The highest form of Consciousness is commonly known as Unity Consciousness. This is when you take on the understanding that everything is connected and is all the same. We are all the same thing, an expression of consciousness. From material items to living organisms, everything you see is all a part of the same universal consciousness. This can only be achieved through mindfulness and meditation. Without it, we may never unite. We may never achieve our true potential. I believe there is much more we can do to enhance our physical existence and much more to learn beyond that…

This is a great story done for 60 Minutes by Anderson Cooper about his personal experience with meditation. Click the photo to watch the video.

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 12.37.45 PMHappy Meditating. I hope it helps! Namaste 🙂

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