Step 7 of the 10 Steps to Bliss – Embracing the Unknown

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In Step 6 of the 10 Steps to Bliss, we took a major leap in the evolution of our Consciousness. Now, able to manage our emotions at any given time, we have more mental power and capacity than ever before. In Step 7, we once again take a concept that usually creates stress, anxiety, worry, suffering, etcetera and transform those feelings into excitement, adventure and creativity. This concept is not as simple to conquer with deductive reasoning as Emotions were in Step 6. It’s more of a macro concept we will be try to understand for this mystical concept of the Unknown

Step 7 of the 10 Steps to BlissEmbracing the Unknown

Just by looking at the words “the unknown”, it’s possible to feel fear or anxiety. We have been taught that the unknown is bad, scary, dangerous and something to avoid. We have grown to fear this thing that doesn’t even exist. It’s pretty silly when you think about it. If we are supposed to run away from the unknown, then what direction are we going? What is the known? The past is the known. Every moment beyond this moment right now, is the unknown. But what is there to be afraid of? This has been the case our entire lives. The problem is, we believe there are things in the future that are known, which in fact are not. For example, while you’re at work, you might think that when you get home, you’ll fix some dinner and watch your favorite show to relax before bed. We believe this is known because we have done it many times before. This is the detrimental power of repetition and routine. We actually trick ourselves into thinking we know the future.

As a result, if anything goes off course, it can cause us a great deal of stress and worry. What if you don’t have your favorite food at home OR your show wasn’t on that night OR the TV wasn’t working OR your home caught on fire? There are literally infinite possibilities for the future, but we are frequently attached to a rigid expectation because we experience it routinely. When we think about the future, we often worry that things won’t work out the way we “hoped they would”. We have forgotten to enjoy the best part about LIFE…the Unknown.

What is the Unknown?

The unknown is literally a field of infinite possibilities. The future…holding so many possible outcomes that they are limitless. When you think about how literally awesome that is, it can change your tune quickly. For it is the unknown where we have the ability to be more creative. It is the unknown where our dreams can come true. It is the unknown where we can be anyone we want, accomplish whatever we want, and live however we want. No matter what has happened up until now (the known), none of that matters in the future (the unknown). It’s like a clean slate if you really think about it. Each moment that passes by is a new opportunity to evolve in whatever direction you choose. Just make sure you are evolving because stagnation is a sure-fire way to become miserable. Routine feels comfortable because it is the known. But the uncomfortable feeling of the unknown is what LIFE is all about. Life isn’t worth living unless you truly have the chance to be ALIVE.

When do you feel more ALIVE? Doing something you’ve done many times before or experiencing something totally new? It’s pretty easy to see that we’ve been looking at this all wrong. The whole idea of finding security, routine and being “safe” doesn’t allow us to truly experience Life. The only way we can really LIVE is to embrace the unknown. Don’t just accept it as a reality we have to deal with. Look at the unknown as your playground. This is where you can make anything happen.

Ways to help embrace the unknown:
– Take a road you’ve never been on before just for the heck of it.
– Change your plans radically on a given night.
– Order something at a restaurant that isn’t a normal choice for you.
– Break your normal routine at some point in the day.
– Walk into a store you’ve never been in.
– Go to a place in your city/town that you’ve never seen.
– Watch a movie you don’t think will be good.

There are many other ways as well to embrace the Unknown, but you get the idea. The unknown brings us mystery, excitement, adventure and thrills. It won’t always work out perfectly of course, but I still have fun doing these things because I know that I’m breaking down the boundaries around me. These are the boundaries that I have created for myself, so I have to break them down myself. Every little boundary that goes down is a WIN for my Soul.

Happy Meditating. I hope it helps! 🙂


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