Thursday Meditation Practice – Surrender

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Today is Thursday, so I will meditate once today using my practice and at least one other time outside of my practice with a guided meditation or still meditation. I think it’s important to have some structure and some spontaneity in your meditation practice, but please try different things and do whatever feels right to you. Having a theme for each day of the week helps to ensure important thoughts and ideas are brought to the conscious level on a regular basis.

The theme for Thursday is Surrender or Acceptance. I consider this concept to be one of the most powerful aspects of my Spiritual Practice. For me, Thursday is the day that can generate the most stress of all the days in the week. I execute my radio program on Thursdays, so there is a LOT going on. Most people think that it’s easy for me because I’ve been doing it for so long, but when the stakes are this high, it never gets easy. I’m just as nervous before a show today as I was 10 years ago. However, this practice of Surrender has changed things drastically for the better. We should take a close look at the meaning of this word because there is a negative connotation attached. When we think of surrendering, it is closely related to “giving up” or “quitting” or “losing”. This is why I have incorporated the word Acceptance with this practice. When we talk about Surrender in a spiritual sense, this is a more accurate definition than the ones we’re used to. Acceptance is a powerful concept…

Our centering thought for today is “Everything is exactly as it should be…”. This particular thought was one of the first daily thoughts that really impacted my Soul. I walked around one day just saying this over and over in my head. Everything I witnessed I accepted as how things “should be”. It’s amazing how much this can settle your internal dialogue. What we realize when we practice this form of acceptance is just how much energy we spend mentally wrestling with ideas about how things are “supposed to be” vs. how they currently exist. This is an especially important and useful thought process on your most stressful day of the week. Today, there are likely many things that will not go according to my well-calculated show plan. It will start some time before the show when a guest has to cancel or move the time they are able to be in-studio and it will go from there. The production of a show is organized chaos. As soon as the first curve ball comes in, I will repeat the centering thought for today to myself mentally. I will do it again when the next thing happens and so on. You can use this for the exact same purposes. No matter what is going on in your hectic life today, just saying these words to yourself mentally can have a huge impact. For my first meditation today, I will say the centering thought 7-10 times before meditation and 7-10 times after or until I feel truly connected to the meaning of the words. This helps to ensure our centering thought reaches the surface of our consciousness all day long.

The meditation mantra I will use today is “I surrender…to the Universe”. I prefer to use a mantra in close connection with my breath during meditation. However, if that’s too difficult or uncomfortable for you, then find a way that’s more comfortable and do it that way. Being comfortable is more important than anything else for your meditation. When I breathe in, I will mentally say “I surrender…”, then as I exhale I will mentally say “to the Universe”. On the exhale, you should experience the feeling of effortlessness wash over your entire body. Try not to alter your breathing frequency, but if you can’t help but think about it, try to breathe just slightly less often than you normally would. If you want to set a timer, feel free to do that. I would recommend no timer and just stay in your meditation until you feel it’s naturally time to finish. It may be 15 minutes later or 45 minutes later. Whatever your body-mind needs, listen to it.

The mantra today is a reminder that I’m surrendering myself to something BIG. I’m not surrendering to a person or group of people or a wild idea. I’m surrendering to the magic of the Universe and all of creation. It’s important that we have some trust in creation. The alternative, if you’re a nah-Sayer about the power of the Cosmos, is that we are just randomly mutated accidents living in a tiny storage locker of infinity. For me, there is far too much evidence and personal experience that draws me toward the idea of a magical existence. An orchestra of space-time events with synchronicity everywhere and no such thing as coincidences. That is the power that I want to surrender to…I am along for the ride. So, instead of trying to fight the things that are happening to me today which are out of my control, I will accept them for what they are. I will accept those events as being “exactly as they should be” no matter what. This level of acceptance will allow me to move on quickly from any set back that I will face. Instead of stewing over mistakes or inconveniences or imperfections, I will fully accept those situations and in fact appreciate them for whatever greatness they will ultimately correlate in my life. I will always encourage you to create your own practice that fits your needs, but if you decide to take on this weekly practice of Surrender, you will find a power inside that you never knew existed. With Surrender comes acceptance, with acceptance comes tolerance, with tolerance comes the appreciation for diversity and with that my friends, comes Unity. You can unite yourself with the Universe and everything within by taking on this practice of Surrender.

Happy meditating and I hope it helps! 🙂

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