Saturday Meditation Practice – Love and Unity

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Today is Saturday, so I will meditate once today using my practice and several other times outside of my practice with a guided meditation or still meditation. I think it’s important to have some structure and some spontaneity in your meditation practice, but please try different things and do whatever feels right to you. Having a theme for each day of the week helps to ensure important thoughts and ideas are brought to the forefront of our consciousness on a regular basis.

The theme for Saturday is Love and Unity. While these may seem like separate ideas, the first thing we should focus on is the understanding they are not. Typically, we talk about Love in the sense of having a profoundly tender and passionate affection toward someone else. This is one definition I got from The commonality between the other definitions and this one is the focus being that love exists outside of the Self. We see Love as something external. We feel love for our Family members or significant others. We feel love for a sports team or our favorite activity, but we rarely talk about what it’s like to love ourselves. This is where Love and Unity merge. If we can learn to love ourselves, then loving others becomes easy and Unity is the result. I will explain…

We don’t love ourselves for a pretty simple reason. We know everything about us. It’s much easier to love someone else whom we only see what they allow us to see. But for us, looking inward, we can see EVERYTHING. We see all the bad things we’ve ever done or thought about doing in our entire lives. We rarely forgive ourselves or find a reason why all of those “bad” things exist within our consciousness. I have created a tool that I use, which helps me understand and deal with this reality. There are three aspects of your consciousness that can create an action or thought for you. The Ego, your True Self or your Shadow. The Ego is responsible for everything that is controlling or fearful about you. Anything that is about self preservation or me-first comes from the Ego. That’s not the real you. When you experience a thought from the Ego, just simply acknowledge it by saying “Hello there, Ego. I hear you, but you are not the real me.” Any dark thoughts you have, some may even be evil thoughts, are a result of your Shadow. This is dark energy that has been brewing in the background of your consciousness for a long time. Do not fight your Shadow’s thoughts. Just don’t listen to them. When someone insults you and embarrasses you in front of your friends, you might think about doing something really bad to that person. Either insulting them back or worse, physical harm or damaging their property. It’s just a thought. That’s not the real you. When your shadow shows up with a thought, acknowledge it in this way. “I hear you, Shadow and I understand how you feel but you are not the real me. See you later.” There is no way to eliminate your Shadow. It will always be there. Treat it with respect and don’t wrestle with it. If you get a strong urge from your shadow, this practice could save you from making a huge mistake.

Every other thought you have is from your True Self. This is the real you. This is the best part of you. This is the part of you that your Ego and Shadow have been trying to hold down your entire life, merely to preserve themselves. Of course, that is to your great detriment because your True Self is amazing. The real you is full of love, compassion, creativity, life energy and pure consciousness. This is the YOU that makes it OK to love yourself. When you realize that all the things you question about yourself are the result of the Ego and the Shadow rearing their ugly heads, it makes loving yourself a much simpler proposition. You will also start to gain awareness around every thought you have by asking “is this coming from my Ego, Shadow or True Self”? You’ll know immediately the answer and that will generate a great sense of clarity around your actions and thoughts. Now, it is easy for you to Love and be loved. That’s where Unity comes in. After recognizing the root of the flaws in ourselves, seeing the root of those same flaws in other people becomes clear as well. This makes loving others possible and the idea of Unconditional Love is within reach.

Our centering thought for today is “Everything is connected in the Web of life”. Thinking about this throughout the day should help connect you to everything you see. The way you look at things will change. You will find connectedness where you had not before. This is aligned with the theme of Unity. If we can not only believe it, but we can see that we are all connected, then we are already United. There is no movement that needs to take place to unite humanity. Only awareness of the fact that we are all already connected. An awareness that you now have. I will say the centering thought for today 7-10 times before meditation and 7-10 times after or until I feel truly connected to the meaning of the words. This helps to ensure our centering thought reaches the surface of our consciousness all day long.

The meditation mantra I will use today is “I…love…”. I prefer to use a mantra in close connection with my breath during meditation. However, if that’s too difficult or uncomfortable for you, then find a way that’s more comfortable and do it that way. Being comfortable is more important than anything else for your meditation. When I breathe in, I will mentally say “I…”, then as I exhale I will mentally say “love…”. On the exhale, you should experience the feeling of effortlessness wash over your entire body. Try not to alter your breathing frequency, but if you can’t help but think about it, try to breathe just slightly less often than you normally would. If you want to set a timer, feel free to do that. I would recommend no timer and just stay in your meditation until you feel it’s naturally time to finish. It may be 15 minutes later or 45 minutes later. Whatever your body-mind needs, listen to it.

The mantra today will plant the seed in my consciousness that I am a being of love. It’s what we do. We love. That’s the most powerful thing we have to give and the most powerful thing we can receive. This could be our daily mantra and that would make sense. By using this as my mantra for this meditation, it brings with it an amazing experience. Not only will things that I currently love flash across my consciousness, so will things that I should express love toward. This is a great way to shift your mindset if you’re in a tough situation or having a bad day.

Happy meditating and I hope it helps! 🙂

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