Monday Meditation Practice – Giving and Receiving

Today is Monday, so I will plan to meditate once today using my practice and at least one other time outside of my practice. I think it’s important to have some structure and some spontaneity in a meditation practice, so this is what I do, but please try different things and do whatever feels right for you. Having a theme for each day ensures certain important thoughts and ideas are brought to the conscious level on a regular basis.

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The theme for Monday is Giving and Receiving or FLOW. We all understand there is a flow to the Universe. Things come and go constantly. Atoms and cells are moving around, dying and changing bonds all the time. Materials are getting older, decaying and changing form. Our physical body is also changing every single day as hundreds of millions of cells die and hundreds of millions of new cells are born. The idea behind today’s theme is to embrace that change. Embrace the flow of life by considering all the instances of giving and receiving that we experience. This could be anything from a glance you share with a passing stranger to adopting a child and giving him a place to call home and a family who loves him. All aspects of giving and receiving are exchanges of energy. For me, I’m a giver naturally, so I want to give constantly. However, I’m a very poor receiver, so most of my inner work is on being a better receiver of the giving that comes my way.

Our centering thought for today is “I give and receive with gratitude”. You can see this thought is very much geared toward my own personal transformation needs. I have to learn to receive with gratitude. If you do as well, this is a perfect centering thought. If not, then you can adjust this to fit your own practice.  Hopefully, this thought will remain in your mind throughout the day so you can witness all the different moments where giving and receiving take place. There are A LOT when you start keeping track. To keep the centering thought top-of-mind, say it 7-10 times before meditation and 7-10 times after.

The meditation mantra I will use today is “Through me…life flows effortlessly”. I prefer to use a mantra in close connection with my breath during meditation. However, if that’s too difficult or uncomfortable for you, then find a way that’s more comfortable and do it that way. Being comfortable is more important than anything else for your meditation. When I breathe in, I will mentally say “Through me…”, then as I exhale I will mentally say “life flows effortlessly”. On the exhale, you should experience the feeling of effortlessness come over your entire body. Try not to alter your breathing frequency, but if you can’t help but think about it, try to breathe just slightly less often than you normally would. If you want to set a timer, feel free to do that. I would recommend no timer and just stay in your meditation until you feel it’s naturally time to come out. It may be 12 minutes later or 37 minutes later. Whatever your body-mind needs, listen to it.

In this meditation, I get in touch with the ever-changing, always evolving aspects of existence. I realize that everything in life is part of one big FLOW of energy. When we “give with gratitude“, we are experiencing the gift of giving. Having abundance to the extent we can give things of great value all the time. These things might be material items like money to the poor or it could be one of the more precious things in life such as giving our attention, affection or appreciation to someone. When we “receive with gratitude”, we aren’t worried about paying off the debt. We accept the great gifts of life, which there are a great many, and we appreciate them with extreme gratitude. Remember life is a flow of energy and you want to participate in that flow as much as possible. Be the first domino.

Happy meditating and I hope it helps! 🙂

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