Sunday Meditation Practice – Self-Referral

Today is Sunday, so I will meditate once today using my practice and several other times outside of my practice in ways yet to be determined. I think it’s important to have less structure and more spontaneity in a meditation practice, so this is what I do, but please try different things and do whatever works for you. Having a theme for each day simply ensures that certain important thoughts and ideas are touched upon regularly.

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The theme for Sunday is Self Referral. There are two different classifications for the reference point of your thoughts and feelings. Either you reference an object, which includes everything outside of your Self, and is associated closely with the Ego. OR, you reference your true Self, higher Self, or true essence – whatever you want to label it. Today, we will always keep this in mind. This is the day of the week where we recalibrate the reference point we are leaning toward. If you notice that you’re reference objects and having Ego-based thoughts and feelings, that’s good. It means, this practice is working. Your awareness of that reality is what allows you to correct it!

Our centering thought for today is “I radiate light from my True Self”. When I say ‘light’, what I mean is Life Energy. So imagine that you are radiating light full of life energy from your true Self. This energy is pulsing outward from your body in all directions. It is positive, it is beautiful and it is powerful. Within this light is the power to change people’s lives including your own. This is what we want to access today, not just in meditation, but throughout the day. Silently repeat the centering thought 7-10 times before you meditate and 7-10 times after. This way, it will be within short reach of your consciousness throughout the rest of the day.

The meditation mantra I will use today is “My true Self…is all that is real”. I prefer to use mantra’s in close association with my breath. However, if that’s too difficult or uncomfortable for you, then find a way that’s more comfortable and do it that way. Being comfortable is more important than anything else for your meditation. For me, I will breath in and mentally say “My true Self…”, then as I exhale I will mentally say “is all that is real”. Try not to alter your breathing frequency, but if you can’t help but think about it, try to breathe just slightly less often than you normally would. If you want to set a timer, feel free to do that. I would recommend no timer and just stay in your meditation until you feel it’s naturally time to come out. It may be 12 minutes later or 37 minutes later. Whatever your body-mind needs, listen to it.

Sunday is a day for me in which I usually have more time for meditation than usual. That is why I have chosen to put the most advanced meditation on Sunday. When I center around the thought of radiating light from my True Self, I can see it visually. I can feel it. I can then go live it. The mantra is helping me reinforce what I have learned through my meditation practice to-date. My true Self is all that is real. Everything else is just a perception. Everything else is outside of my body-mind and outside of my control or concern. My domain, my Temple is the True Self. It is my true nature and therefore WHO I really am.

Happy meditating and I hope it helps! 🙂

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