The Path to Unconditional Love

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What is Unconditional Love?
Unconditional love
can most easily be defined as “showing love towards all people regardless of their actions or beliefs”. Unconditional love is frequently used to describe love between family members or in a religious context to describe God’s love for man. Either way, it is widely regarded as a “very good thing”. Some would even go as far as to say Unconditional love is the ultimate goal of all goals. If we could achieve Unconditional love as a society, things would improve so much that nothing could achieve a better outcome. It’s hard to imagine a world where every human loved one another unconditionally. We are so used to a world divided in sections. Every man for himself. Every religion for itself. Every country for itself. It’s strange to think about a world where every man was for every other man equally. There would be no limitations in a world like this. No boundaries in what we could create together. The only boundaries that exist today are there because we have willingly put them there ourselves through division from one another. For example, is there not enough food in the world to feed every man, woman and child? Of course there is! So, why do people starve to death every single day? What keeps us from forming the solutions to solve things like homelessness or feeding the hungry? The boundaries we ourselves have created. Many times people will have brilliant ideas about how to change the world, how to help people, or how to make life better, but any idea is first met with the biggest boundary of all…money. We are a material society and everything revolves around the profitability associated with creating and selling those materials. So, your brilliant idea must first be met with the challenge of “does it make money”? If it doesn’t, then who will fund it? This is obviously a huge barrier, but this is just one example of how the world we live in is different than the world of Unconditional love where money would not take precedence and Love would instead.

Think about the way each of the tens of trillions of cells in your body unconditionally love you, the whole. Each cell has a very small job to do, but it’s crucial to the overall performance of the body. These cells do their job, taking as little resources as possible to do it and even sacrifice themselves, starve and die so a newer, younger, stronger, more efficient cell can take it’s place. Imagine if all human beings treated Creation with this level of dedication, appreciation, gratitude and sacrifice. This is a pretty extreme example, but it shows how much room there is to improve. I would think that very few people in America spend time every day thinking about what they can do to help the whole of Creation. That, of course, would change dramatically if Unconditional love were to be adopted universally as the chosen path.

The Love Test
Can you now imagine a society where the first test for any idea was the Love Test vs. the “does it make money” test? If someone had a great idea, the first thing we’d have to think about is “does this express love to others”? That’s how it would be in a world of Unconditional love! Money and materials would take a back seat in the same way that love does now. Try to be conscious of this today. How many times throughout the day did you do something out of pure love vs. how many things did you do for work, money, status, indulgence? We are all guilty of putting more energy and resources toward materials than toward love. Becoming conscious of it is how we escape the trap. From consciousness, we can manifest the reality we truly want, which does not have to be bound by current rules, boundaries or societal norms. So, it’s consciousness that will lead us to the path of Unconditional love. If regular meditation takes us to higher levels of consciousness, then it’s meditation that could be the first step on this path.

Is it possible for us to love one another unconditionally?
Yes. Even if you don’t think we could achieve a universal state of Unconditional love from higher consciousness through meditation, there is a logical way to arrive at the same end. There is one way which makes it at least possible. Whether you believe in God, Science or both, you agree that we are all Brothers and Sisters. If you believe in God, then we are all children of God and therefore Brothers and Sisters of one another. If you believe in Science, then all living things evolved from a single-cell organism and all the atoms in existence came from the Big Bang. That first living cell is the Father of all living things and we are all descendants of that cell, therefore Brothers and Sisters.

Upon accepting this as Truth, Unconditional love becomes possible because we all understand that it’s possible to love people who are family, even if they are flawed. We have all experienced anger, frustration, etc. with a family member. However, when the temporary emotions subside, we fall back to a state of love for our family member. A state of understanding. A state of Unconditional love.

When we think of people as “strangers”, it makes the idea of Unconditional love sound impossible. We were all taught to avoid strangers. They’re dangerous! If we don’t know someone, then they could be a murderer or kid-napper! I have heard many parents tell their kids, “stay close to mommy and daddy or a stranger might take you away forever”. This is a powerful seed to plant in the mind of a young child and we’ve all participated in allowing that seed to grow within us. Today, let’s take the first swing to chop that tree down together. Let’s get to the reality of the situation by asking ourselves some simple, straight-forward questions about our realistic experience.

How many “strangers” ever did something bad to me…?

How many “strangers” did something nice for me…?

The path to Unconditional Love
We have to start looking at other people in a different way. When those moments arise where a Stranger needs help, we need to give it to them. As if they were our own family. We’ll have to go through moments where we don’t want to get involved, but we do anyway, because they ARE family. Then, we might not see them as Strangers anymore. That’s when the barriers and boundaries are gone. This is our duty if we wish to see a world of love. Good luck to you, me and the rest of us who can make this dream come true. Happy Meditating. I hope it helps! Namaste  :)

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